Sunday, October 17, 2010

Branton Pits.

Branton Pits

This morning JWR and myself headed up west towards Powburn to do John's WeBs count at the very scenic Branton and Hedgely Pits. The first frost of autumn was covering the grass in a shaded area on route.

I like this spot. Although rare finds are few and far between here, there is always plenty to look at, and there are never any other birders ( or anyone come to that).

Highlights today at Branton, above,  included 24 Goosander, a Water Rail swimming between Little Grebes, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Green Sandpiper, 20 Lesser black backed Gulls and a reasonable show of wildfowl. Hedgely as usual was quieter with 7 Little Grebes being noteworthy.

On the way back to Alnwick, Buzzards seemed to be everywhere with ones and twos along the route, but 12 together near Eglingham merited a stop of the car.

A few odd Jays were seen flying between oaks too.   

The autumn colours are now starting to show, but this is a short period. Winter will be here in a few weeks...


Anonymous said...

A few weeks Stewart ? Snow as been forecast to arrive up north in a couple of days.

Emma Anderson said...

Looks like a nice place, Stewart. Can anyone go or is is private?

Ipin said...

What a difference 15 years makes,you would've stopped for one buzzard back then. Martin Davidson mentioned this in this in his talk the other night.

Stewart said...

Dean - Don't, please :(

Emma - Yes anyone can go. Head north through Powburn and take first left after petrol station. Drive to the corner just before Branton hamlet and park on the verge. You get through an opening next to the gate and can walk around the lakes.

Ipin - We used to go to the Lakes for one Buzzard in th eighties!

Richard Dunn said...

I had four Buzzards together at Warkworth Lane on Sunday, they are everywhere now