Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn moths n that...

Some nice ones in the trap this morning -

Green brindled Crescent. One of my target species and a real stunner. Look at the sparkling green irridescence.

Red Line Quaker

Brick ( what a name?)

Total 71 moths of 25 species

0453 Honeysuckle Moth (Ypsolopha dentella) 1
0874 Blastobasis lacticolella 1
1042 Rhomboid Tortrix (Acleris rhombana) 1
1048 Garden Rose Tortrix (Acleris variegana) 1
1076 Celypha lacunana 1
1760 Red-green Carpet (Chloroclysta siterata) 2
1764 Common Marbled Carpet (Chloroclysta truncata) 2
1769 Spruce Carpet (Thera britannica) 1
1913 Canary-shouldered Thorn (Ennomos alniaria) 1
2092 Shuttle-shaped Dart (Agrotis puta) 1
2107 Large Yellow Underwing (Noctua pronuba) 14
2126 Setaceous Hebrew Character (Xestia c-nigrum) 7
2134 Square-spot Rustic (Xestia xanthographa) 3
2199 Common Wainscot (Mythimna pallens) 1
2245 Green-brindled Crescent (Allophyes oxyacanthae) 1 NEW
2262 Brick (Agrochola circellaris) 1 NFY
2263 Red-line Quaker (Agrochola lota) 1 NFY
2265 Flounced Chestnut (Agrochola helvola) 1
2270 Lunar Underwing (Omphaloscelis lunosa) 2
2350 Small Wainscot (Chortodes pygmina) 2
2353 Flounced Rustic (Luperina testacea) 1
2361 Rosy Rustic (Hydraecia micacea) 14
2364 Frosted Orange (Gortyna flavago) 7
2441 Silver Y (Autographa gamma) 3
2477 Snout (Hypena proboscidalis) 1

I took Bunty out before work this morning. In the back field a Buzzard over a kill on the ground was being mobbed by an adult Peregrine, that was very vocal. I think the Buzzard might have usurped the Peregrine from its breakfast.
From the road I heard a Yellow browed Warbler call twice from the copse next to our garden. I hurried back, dropped Bunty off and went to investigate but I got neither sight or sound of it again. It makes you doubt your own ears when that happens...  As a result its not going on the OFFH list...
I hope its still in there to give me a second chance.


Broom Birder said...

Hi Stewart,

It always fascinates me just how much earlier you get your moths in more northerly climbs......It'll probably be next month before I get Green-brindled Crescent.....Pity about the YB Warbler, I have to make special trips for those. They rarely turn up in Beds.


Bennyboymothman said...

Mind blowing catch you have there! we really struggled last night under clear skies as my blog will explain!
I've not seen any Sallows yet at all.