Monday, July 26, 2010

Udea lutealis

July Highflyer

Treble Bar

Currant Pug

Ruby Tiger

Dark Northern Spinach ( Thanks to Skev for pointing me in the right direction with this one)

Apple Ermine, left, Willow Ermine, right.

Rosy Minor

Eana osseana

A few new additions from this weekend....


Warren Baker said...

My vote goes to the Ruby Tiger, cracking Moff :-)

Skev said...


Haven't seen either for a while but I think your Spinach is Dark rather than Northern?

As for the ermines - if any moth group deserved being lumped! Neither looks spotty enough for Bird-cherry but can't see the white/grey balance and size to suggest what they are.


Stewart said...

Me too Warren.

Mark thanks for that, I dont know how I missed it!

As for the Ermines, the 'BC' is larger in my pic than the 'Apple' as the small one was clean white I plumped for Apple rather than Orchard... ?They were deffo two species.....

Skev said...

Had a look through images now - pretty sure the right hand one is Willow Ermine. Left hand one probably not Orchard, and probably is Apple, but can't tell if the cilia are clean white (for Spindle).

Stewart said...

Nice one again Mark, only third Willow Ermine for VC68. The spotting is different to BCE. I was too busy concentrating on the little one!

Ipin said...

Amblyptilia acanthadactyla is a strange looking beast indeed!

I'm with Warren on the Ruby Tiger!