Friday, June 25, 2010

Some of this weeks moths...

A first for VC68! Thistle Ermine. A massive micro....

I took a day off yesterday to catch up on just two days of moth trapping in the garden. Its harder than being at work!

Anyway, on 22/06/10 I had 193 moths of 52 species, including a first for VC68..

New for me were -

Riband Wave ( banded form) 1
Chinese Character 1
Small Fan Foot 2
Clay 3
Mottled Beauty 2
Latticed Heath 2
Large Yellow Underwing 1 NFY
Sandy Carpet 2
Shoulder striped Wainscot 2
Map winged Swift 2 NFY
Light Arches 1
Setaceous Hebrew Character 1
Brown China Mark 1
Thistle Ermine 1 New for VC68.
Mottled Pug 1

Above - Left, Chinese Character, how fantastic is that, and right, Small Fan Foot.

Mottled Beauty.

Above - Left, Clay and Right, Shoulder Striped Wainscot.

On 23/06/10 the count is still out but so far I had 217 of 56 species with a few more to come...

New for me -

July Belle 1
Purple Clay 1
Grass Emerald 1
Chequered Fruit Tree Tortrix 1
Straw Dot 1
Scoparia pyralella 1
Metzneria lapella 1
Mompha subbistrigella 1
Blastobasis lacticolella 1
Marbled Orchard Tortrix 1
Chrysoteuchia culmella 3

Above - Left, July Belle (probably) and Right, Grass Emerald

Above - Left, Chequered Barred Fruit Tree Tortrix and right, Dipleurina lacustrata
Above, Left, Purple Clay and right, Marbled Beauty.

Above, Left, Light Emerald and right, Straw Dot.



Phil said...

That Chinese Character is stunning. That's does it then:must get a light trap......

Alan Tilmouth said...

Chinese Character is a little beauty, I've got a few crossovers with you when I eventually get round to posting, spent several hours potting and taking pictures this morning, ran out of pots at one point. You need to go part time! Did you get the Mountain Ringlet?

Stewart said...

Phil - Do it.

Alan - Didnt go for the buttfly, moths too tempting!

Skev said...

Could do with any Belle down here Stewart, and Grass Emerald is virtually restricted to a single site here.
I think your E. trunciolella is actually Dipleurina lacustrata though.
How are you going to keep up when the numbers peak - do you get lots of holiday!!

Stewart said...

I get a few Hols Mark ( ex council and all that), look out July eh! Ive changed the moth. Cheers.

abbey meadows said...

Some stunners there Stew. Great post. I'd be on weeks trying to identify them.

Anonymous said...

Some belting moths/photos there Stewart.
Wait till July/August, you`ll be throwing a few sick days.

Emma Anderson said...

Another great collection, Stewart. The Thistle Ermine is a great find - that's two VC firsts for you I think. The Chinese Character, the Wainscot and the Grass Emerald are also very beautiful.

I know what you mean about needing to take a day off work. I feel I've worked a nightshift after my trapping sessions - it's jolly hard work and the moths take a great deal of processing, especially as I'm learning all their identities.

Warren Baker said...

Yep. The chinese character does it for me Stewart. :-)

Stewart said...

Nigel - Its a slow learning curve...

Dean - I'll keep some flexi / hols!

Emma - Twin spotted Quaker was one and I think there may have been another but I cant remember. Lats Year I added Mullein and Tawny Pinion to the VC list...oh and Early Grey...