Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some new ones...

Above - Clockwise from top left - Coxcomb Prominent, Shears, Buff Ermine and Silver Ground Carpet.

After a dismal week I was pleased with last nights GMS catch that included 4 new species for my garden.

0672 Parsnip Moth 1
1727 Silver Ground Carpet 1 new
1728 Garden Carpet 2
1750 Water Carpet 1
1802 Rivulet 1
1834 Common Pug 1
1852 Brindled Pug 1
1920 Scalloped Hazel 1
2008 Coxcomb Prominent 1 new
2060 White Ermine 2
2061 Buff Ermine 1 new
2063 Muslin Moth 2
2092 Shuttle shaped Dart 1
2123 Small Square Spot 17
2147 Shears 1 new
2158 Pale shouldered Brocade 2
2190 Hebrew Character 1 still hanging on there.
2334 Rustic Shoulder Knot 2

Total 39 moths of 18 species


Emma Anderson said...

More super moths, Stewart. The Buff Ermine is beautiful. There's been a hold up with my trap but delivery is promised for Wednesday. I bought some of the bottles you recommended, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Some nice species again, Stewart. I had to look twice at that Shears. My blurry eyes were saying Early Grey to start with :-o

Ipin said...

Nice moths again! We only caught two on Friday night, didn't bother putting the trap on last night, too cold and wet! We got both buff and white ermine last week.