Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moth Trapping

Garden Pebble. Nothing better as it flew away immediately I opened the pot.

Nut Tree Tussock. Great name, great moth.

At last summer seems to be upon us. Another two species were added to the garden list last night...

1356 Garden Pebble 1 new.
1750 Water Carpet 2
2060 White Ermine 1
2063 Muslin Moth 1
2186 Powdered Quaker 2
2188 Clouded Drab 4
2190 Hebrew Character 6
2425 Nut Tree Tussock 1 new. A nice suprise...

Total 18 moths of 8 species.


Alan Tilmouth said...

Give it some balls and that one would juggle, what a poseur, cracking moff.

Ipin said...

Top Moth and excellent product placement!

Wilma said...

That is one great looking moth!

You may want to go to http://beetlesinthebush.wordpress.com/2010/05/18/the-moth-and-me-11/, a blog that is hosting the "Moth and Me" Carnival with descriptions and links to other moth blogs.


Emma Anderson said...

The Nut Tree Tussock is a super moth, Stewart. I am hoping my trap will be ordered this week (from your lead, thanks).