Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Still breezy last night but not quite as bad.

Caught -

Small Quaker 1
Common Quaker 24
Clouded Drab 2
Hebrew Character 23
Satellite 1 of the white form.

Total 51 moths of 5 species.

Later on I'm going to pop out 'sallowing'. Lets hope I dont get locked up. Watch this space...

Right, I'm back. Sallows need to be staked out before hunting the woods wearing a headlamp for a start. The ones I did know about were all too high really but 3 Common Quakers and a Hebrew Character were knocked into the brolly. ( I wish I had thought of a Hebrew character gag at Easter Weekend, there must have been a few...).

The weather forecast looks good for moths for the rest of the week with temperatures up to 16 degrees in the NE on Thursday ( according to BBC), and settled high pressure bringing barbeque weather for a few days...maybe I'll get something new in the trap....


Anonymous said...

The majority of Sallow (catkins) have gone over down here, Stewart.

According to our local forecast, we`re in for some colder nights. Not exactly what i wanted to hear :-(

Warren Baker said...

BBQ weather, great, just like last years BBQ summer! :-)

enjoy the 'moffin' Stewart