Monday, April 12, 2010

Moth Trapping last night...

Calm overcast, 8 degrees down to 1 degree with frost at dawn.

Another nice session with a few new ones -

288 Caloptilia stigmatella 1 (below) the size of a tiny midge. You could get one of these in your eye! A new species to me.

663 Diurnea fagella 1
672 Parsnip Moth 2
1746 Shoulder Stripe 2 (below)  new to me.

1917 Early Thorn 1 (below) first of the year.

2139 Red Chestnut 5
2186 Powdered Quaker 3
2187 Common Quaker 22
2188 Clouded Drab 26
2189 Twin spotted Quaker 1
2190 Hebrew Character 65

Total 129 of 11 species.

This evening as it was lovely, clear and sunny we took Bunty along the coastal path where my first 2 Sandwich Terns of the year flew North.

OFFH List 112


Tim Sexton said...

I'm starting to get moth envy........that's it - trap's staying on all night!

Anonymous said...

Well done on the 2 new species, Stewart. Bet you`re glad one ( or should that be 2) was Shoulder Stripe.

I`ve just got back in, after netting my first Water Carpet of the year.

Broom Birder said...

Lovely photos Stewart, I still am yet to see a Shoulder Stripe.

abbey meadows said...

Those Early Thorns are nice Stew

Stewart said...

Tim - Get stuck in!
Dean - Shoulders are very nice. they look like layers of sand from the Isle of Wight! I had Water Carpets at my window here at the end of April last year so it shouldnt be long before I get one.
Matt - Yes they were my first too. Thats what happens to us beginners Matt!
Nigel - They look like Commas...