Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Last night I put the moth trap out at 7pm. By 8pm it was pis... pouring with rain. This continued all night. Luckily the wind was very light from the SE and the trap was sheltered on our gable end, so I thought I would see how it performed in the wet. 125w mercury vapour bulbs burn quite hot so rain is never a good option, but there were no problems.

Despite the rain I still attracted  -

March Moth 1
Common Quaker 4
Hebrew Character 7
Satellite 1 of the white form.

Total 13 moths of 4 species...


Anonymous said...

I used to place a clear pyrex bowl over my MV bulb, balanced on 2 lengths of timber. Making sure the bowl isn`t touching the bulb. Remember not to remove the bowl before it`s had time to cool down though. It`ll be "hot hot hot"

Stewart said...

The trap has a plastic rain guard Dean but I am never too sure about electrics etc in the rain....

Broom Birder said...

Hi Stewart,

Thanks for the intro, I have added your blog to my 'Blog list'. Lovely artwork by the way and a really well layed out blog. Mothing is proving to be very addictive- and I love building traps, it's the best part of it for me!

all the best for the year,