Monday, March 15, 2010

Moth Trapping

Thats better! At last some moths (proper ones) in the trap this morning.

Pale Brindled Beauty 1

Common Quaker 1 (above)

Hebrew Character 1 (above)

Chestnut 3 ( above - these two show the normal and darker forms caught together. The dark one shows a worn trailing edge that could make it look like a Dark Chestnut soon)

March Moth 1

7 moths of 5 species. Unfortunately the March Moth flew off before I could deploy the camera...3 new species for the year list.


Warren Baker said...

Spring is on its way to you! give it a week and the bumble bees and butterflies will be with you!

are you going to put a Butterflies OFFH list in the side bar?
.....and dragons/damsels ?

Anonymous said...

Nice ones Stewart. Early Grey/Clouded Drab next ?

Stewart said...

Dean I hope so. Clouded Drab, yes, but last year I took an Early Grey from the Spar and it was a first for VC68!