Sunday, February 21, 2010

WeBs Count...

Friday and Saturday gave us a fresh two inches of snow overnignt. This morning it had frozen into concrete with an air temperature of -5. I cant bring myself to post any more 'scenic' christmassy snow scenes, certainly not until December! However the day was crystal clear and sunny early on so I headed off on foot to walk the coast counting the birds as far as the Fishing Boat Inn, Boulmer.

Not only was I doing the survey, I was hoping to add some ommissions to my On Foot From Home list too...

Although there was nothing as good as last months Shorelarks, there was plenty to see all the same.

The list included -

Goldeneye 6
Red breasted Merganser 7
Wigeon 17
Eider 31
Shelduck 6
Red throated Diver 5
Curlew 333
Grey Plover 9
Golden Plover 46 inc one in breeding plumage.
Lapwing 115
Knot 8
Dunlin 99
Bar tailed Godwit 8
Sanderling 10
Ringed Plover 4

In addition to the count species there were-

Rock Pipit 6
Meadow Pipit 5 inc 2 moving north
Linnet 41 and 15
Skylark 22 at cattle feed and 60+ at sheep feed plus two in full song overhead.

Brown Hare 3 'boxing'
Grey Seal 2.

Not a bad walk then with 6 new species of bird and one mammal for the list.

Birds 102
Mammals 5


Anonymous said...

"Not a bad walk then with 6 new species of bird and one mammal for the list."

Not bad at all Stewart.
I`m hoping that the forecasted snow this week, brings me a couple of additions.

Stewart said...

Yes Dean I was pleased with 6 but they are expected birds at this time of year.

I cant see me getting much now until the Chiffchaffs arrive...

If anything is going to be added it will be from looking seaward thats for sure...