Friday, January 15, 2010

Not much this week due to darkness and work. One morning out with Bunty, 4 male Tawnies were hooting at the Lane End and the Ravens had an early morning cronk in the half light but thats about it really.

I got a text from Alan Priest about a single Bewicks Swan with Mutes near Alcan the other day but I dont think its been seen since? We used to get a few Bewicks each year, sometimes up to a dozen, but lately they have reached twitchable status in Northumberland. For example none were recorded in 2007, the first time this has happened.

OFFH List 80.

Mammals - 4. Rabbit.


Anonymous said...

Whoopers are twitch worthy these days, down here Stewart.

Stewart said...

Hi Dean We used to get flocks locally up to 200 birds in SE Northumberland when I was at school, but now 50 or 60 is the norm...At home here in North Northumberland they are scarce and usually only seen on passage flying up or down the coast. Luckily I'm in the line of fire and its great to hear that nasal trumpet over head...