Saturday, December 05, 2009

RFA or Fishguides....

Imagine a rare fish alert system? It might read -

Northumberland. RAY'S BREAM, Ross back Sands for third day.

In fact this one would get mega alerted because they are very rare, but appear in influxes. Not as rare as last years Oarfish, but a good record all the same. I used to read about wrecks of them reported in Angling Times, usually after winter storms, and hoped to find one but never did.

The one above is about 12 -15" long and was found by Mike Hodgson who kindly sent me the pic. I believe they are a fish of deeper colder waters and a recent short google scan found someone who says they are common off Iceland.

Do you think its brought a Harlequin Duck with it? Get looking at Stag Rocks....

This is a photo I took in 2005 on an town river in northern Iceland...

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