Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer past...

Yesterday I only found time for 45 minutes glance seaward from home complete with terrier plaiting the lead around my tripod...

In the three quarters of an hour between 17.45 and 18.30 I had -

Bonxie 2 N
Manx Shearwater 4 N
Sooty Shearwater 1 N
Arctic Skua 8
Common Scoter 6 N
Red throated Diver 1 N

and Kittiwakes looked like a snowstorm but about 2 miles out, there were thousands...

Today I had to breath into a brown paper bag for twenty minutes to alleviate the panic attack at the pager message - TUFTED PUFFIN adult summer River Swale, Oare Marshes, Faversham, Kent.

What is going on with this world. Another pacific alcid on the south coast. If one of these is in the most unlikely auk county of Kent how many yank auks are missed in the north west of Scotland?

Fortunately it flew off after 15 minutes or so hence removing all traces of pressure to plan days off justify two days driving to Kent and back etc etc. See the real photos of the bird HERE.

I was also pleased at the absence of Black headed Bunting on the Farnes the other day too. That saved me worrying about sloping off work again with a lame excuse. Have you ever found relief to have dipped a great bird!!

Anyway, tonight I was dropped back to earth with Buntys coast path walk at 7pm where a Yellow Wagtail, later seen over our house, was a nice late bird up here, a few Swallows still and 16 Wigeon N ( or were they pigeons? :) were the highlights.

It was a nice evening though, the dusk encroaching ever earlier, a nip in the air and leaves colouring up, summer is now a thing of the past...


Alan Tilmouth said...

The concensus theory of the wise at Newbiggin was lack of ice in the north west passage ushering in a new era of Pacific megas. I hope your on flexi time.

Kingsdowner said...

Needless to say, the Kent contingent got in a hissy fit about this puffin, but I was safely tucked up at work, so didn't waste my time.
Great lists of passing birds with you!

Warren Baker said...

Lots of excited birders down hear stewart, lots of viz mig. down to Oare.

Thought I saw a Wigeon today, but it was carrying a twig, and landed in a tree, so I ruled it out. ;-)