Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good Day, Poor pictures.

Above - Pine Carpet.

A nice sunny day, cool witha light SW breeze.

Last nights moth rapping ( eh!) -

Flounced Chestnut 1
Frosted Orange 1
Large Yellow Underwing 2
Canary shouldered Thorn 2
Setaceous Hebrew Character 2
Silver Y 2
Rosy Rustic 4
Brown spot Pinion 1
Red green Carpet 1
Pine Carpet 1 new for me.
Lunar Underwing 1

18 moths of 11 species.

Myself and JWR ventured into the badlands to do ADMc's WeBs count at Cresswell where we bumped into Roger, Steve, Dee and young Crammy Phil. Although a quiet day we still had a Spotted Redshank (above top), 2 Greenshank, 1 Ruff and an Otter (above), before moving on to Druridge where this Cormorant has never seen such adulation when 4 DSLR toting chaps, two from the list above, practiced their aperture settings etc until even the bird got bored.

Later we wandered up the River Aln at Foxton and were suprised and pleased to find this Curlew Sandpiper well up river with a Dunlin.

On the insect front today, Speckled Woods at Foxton and on the road to Shilbottle, plus Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell on the wing.

Tonight a walk to Howick Pond had a nice patch tick with 3 Gadwall with the usual 15 Mallard, 9 Moorhen, 2 Little Grebes, 2 Heron and a Jay.

I warned you about the photos....


Emma Anderson said...

The speckled wood butterflies sound good, Stewart. I was hoping I might see and photograph them before the end of the season.

Stewart said...

Hi Emma, I would try any wooded valley with shelter, sunshine, brambles and a picnic site! Or not even the picnic site, but you know what I mean... :)