Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Above - Green Carpet.

Sunday nights mothing had 25 of 10 species -

Mouse 1
Large Yellow Underwing 2
Silver Y 3
Rosy Rustic 9
Snout 1
Setaceous Hebrew Character 4
Square spot Rustic 3
Common Wainscot 1
Green Carpet
Flounced Chestnut 1

Yesterday on my way home from work I saw a 'dog fight' between a female Merlin and a female Sparrowhawk just north of Warkworth. They were very close to the car and it was hard to see who was chasing who...

News from the north today, the Sandhill Crane is on its way south, surely to be grounded in Northumberland in this rain and mist? Or will its next stop be Cley? I bet it'll be wandering around Holy Island's harbour fields tomorrow...


ST said...

if it was thursday, i would be a happy man.

Anonymous said...

"I bet it'll be wandering around Holy Island's harbour fields tomorrow..."

If it does. Will you be throwing a sickie or using flexi-time ;-)

Stewart said...

Me an'all Steve...

Dean - I would need to throw a sickie, my hearts not up to shocks like that :)

abbey meadows said...

I'm off for three days after today so Thursday will do nicely. I still think it will decide to go over the sea a bit and end up in the Netherlands. Nice Green carpet. I saw a Snout at work yesterday.

Warren Baker said...

I reckon it will be blown all the way to kent, and settle on my small pond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oldcrow61 said...

You do have the most wonderful moths. Great shot of that one.