Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Above - It doesn't get much drabber than this, the Garden Warbler of the moth world, a Square spot Rustic from our garden last night. A new one for me.

Above - In total contrast, this beauty in metallic gold is a Burnished Brass. A species I havent seen for a long time, this one was caught on ragwort in the garden.

The moth photos are coming along in leaps and bounds now. Remember the ones on painted pebble dashing from the Spar shop? I have it sussed!


Anonymous said...

I have it sussed!
You certainly have, Stewart. The Burnished Brass is a cracker.

Anonymous said...

I think I used to have an overcoat like that Square-spot Rustic.
Lovely watercolour sketch in the last post - wish I could do that.

Stewart said...

Ta Dean, you shouldn't fluf a photo of such a stunner...

Rob, I like that about the coat. My Dad had one too when he was park keeper - it had a nest in the pocket!