Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This Smoky Wainscot was in our porch this morning.

The morning was fine and a bit cooler than lately but pleasant, in total contrast to this afternoon with rain and a strengthening southerly force 5 wind.

Out with Bunty this evening the only things of note were my first Bar tailed Godwit and Golden Plover of the autumn when one of each in full summer plumage flew south low over the village.

A better forecast for the rest of the week I think...

(PS - Thanks to Skev for the i.d. I thought that the black dots were too small for Smoky, but I wasn't sure and just jumped right in there!)


oldcrow61 said...

That's one beautiful Moth and what a pelt he has over his head.

Skev said...

Hi Stewart,

I'm think that the wainscot is Smoky rather than Common - one of those species pairs that you get a good feel for after seeing lots in traps. They are usually separable but can be similar - a check on the hindwing would confirm (whitish in Common, dusky in Smoky).



Emma Anderson said...

What a handsome creature, Stewart. I did have a very large moth in the conservatory on Monday night but it was flapping around the light so I left it in the dark thinking I'd find it in the morning. Unfortunately not - so I'm none the wiser. PS: I didn't get bitten by clegs at Sidwood, thankfully - I seem to have been bitten by plenty of other things this summer. Nor did I take my binoculars but I think I saw young pied flycatchers - from your ringing knowledge, would they be there?