Sunday, May 03, 2009

Patch Work...

Above - Stonechat.

Above -Whimbrel.

Above - Marsh Harrier mobbed by two Rooks.

Above - Little Grebe.

Above - A glade full of Forget-me-nots.

Today began damp and dull with a cool SW 4. This soon changed into a bright sunny day with the wind swinging NW and increasing briefly before calming down this evening.

I was up bright and early and out by 6.30 this morning. Spurred and inspired by Warren and Dean my plan was to cover as much of my new patch as possible within 4 hours, on foot, from home.

I managed to just about circumnavigate the designated area, of which, my house is roughly central, in about 3 hours 20 mins and this time included a short sea watch and one or two sit and waits.

I was pleasantly suprised by the number of species recorded in this time as I wasn't trying to census all individuals, but just species to try and get a flavour of an average morning out.

In total I had 72 species, the highlights of this being -

Little Grebe, 1 pair with the female on a nest on the pond.
A female Marsh Harrier flying NW picked up after it put a Buzzard to flight over the Long Walk then carrying on over as it was chased by Rooks and Jackdaws. A god second record in a fortnight.
Whimbrel, the same individual as the last time almost glued to the same rock.
Arctic Tern, 2 fishing very close in.
Stock Dove 5+
Yellow Wagtail, a pair in a paddock near the Heugh.
Grey Wagtail, a pair on the burn in the village.
Stonechat, only one pair near the Rumbling Kern.
Wheatear 1 female near Seahouses Farm.
Sedge Warbler 2 singing along the back hedge over the back field.
Whitethroat 3 singing in various spots around the area.
Siskin, a few in the Village Wood.
Redpoll 1 flew over calling strongly but remained unseen.
Bullfinch 1 male in the Pond Field.
Yellowhammer 3+ singing males around various spots.

Once I have a map sorted I'll post it so you can get the patch vibe...


Steve Gale said...

Like the sound of the new patch Stewart. Once you get the guest house up and running I may well book in for a fortnight in September...

Anonymous said...

72 species, Stewart. That`s some going for a patch day total.

Steve, will you pick me up en-route ;)

Warren Baker said...

Your patch sounds like it's gonna produce a lot of species Stewart. 72 in one day ! I can only dream of that during a May month!

PS dont forget to enter all sightings on the birdtrack website.

oldcrow61 said...

The picture of the stonechat is wonderful. I love the glade as well, beautiful!