Sunday, January 04, 2009

Glaucous-winged Gull twitchers NOTE!

I see that the MEGA in Teesside has not been seen today. Fear not those dippers out there, there may be a valid reason. The tip is closed at weekends.

I only moot this theory because at Ellington tip gulls are at a peak between Wednesday and Saturday when the bins wagons arrive. The Saturday birds are still at the weeks refuse, but by Sunday there's not much left to eat. On Monday numbers can be low because it takes time to realise that dinner is served again until Tuesday when the birds start to return.

So, what am I blathering on about? I mean that the GWG might just be having a day or two away and might come back when his mates realise that the food supply has been reinstated...

Unless its gone?

Stewarts top tip - dont visit tips on a Sunday, son, there'll be nowt there...

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