Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Problem solved...

Ian Fisher quoted -

'Hi Stew, Its just a Bittern, some can show those features. Have a look at Frank Goldings pic on Surfbirds scarce page! Ian'

Well I suppose I knew all along that my optimism would be too good to be true. But, a bit of gossip is always good to plump up a flagging October...

I see Cornwall is doing well now, what with firsts for Britain 'n that. You know my photo below of those cottages at the Lizard and the Hobby and the nice Hotel? You could probably see a Nighthawk from there right now...Bugger.

A report today of a White's Thrush in-off at Hartlepool had me leaping for the flexi leave chart. I was ready for the off should the phrase 'showing well' appear on the pager, however, it was not to be.

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Ipin said...

I would have been off for that too, I reckon had it been seen again....even though I saw them in China, I like thrushes!