Monday, July 28, 2008

Today I popped in to Cresswell to see the White rumped Sandpiper that had been found by Ian Fisher this afternoon. Although it was barely visible in the mist, it was reasonably close with a party of Dunlin. A nice little wader with a very sharp attenuated rear end as a result of of its very long primaries, this is the third at this spot in recent years, and my fifth in Northumberland. They are becoming like Pec Sands!

Late July is a peak time for them on east coast Britain (see this blog 18th July post), and the prize is surely there to be found for those who carefully sift the Dunlin flocks.

In response to the anonymous visitor to the dragonfly post, below, I have removed the site name. I was unaware that a permit was required and was freely guided to the spot by a local householder. Point taken.


Anonymous said...

BB thanks for the prompt response in taking off the site name.

Stewart said...

No probs. Just a bit thoughtless on my part.