Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ruddy v Common Darter...

After Nigel's comment on yesterday's post I think I better put some features down -

Male Ruddy Darter ( compare against pic below) -

Smaller than Common.
Club ended tail made obvious by narrow waisted apperance. Common is more straight parallel bodied.
Darker red in colour deep and rich. Common more orange red.
Face red. Common has yellowish on there.
Plain black fore legs. Common has some yellowish on legs.
The thorax is more or less a dark burgundy brown, not as patterned as Common.

On a personal note I think these Ruddies are great little beasts with loads of character. Easier to get close to than Common?

I hope that helps....

I recieved this reply tonight from Harry Eales the Northumberland and Durham Dragonfly recorder...

"Hello Stewart,

Thanks for sending me the photographs. I can confirm they are Ruddy Darter. I saw some nice mature males today myself. This species has only been in Northumberland for less than a decade but it can be found at most low level ponds as far north as the River Aln and probably a bit further north...



Harry Eales"


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