Monday, April 14, 2008

Nearly a good day...

Another cold day today with a N3 and bright sunshine.

On my way home from work I thought I would take a detour via Cresswell and the coast.
The Hooded Crow was well into the open in bright sunshine so I thought I would try a photo. No chance with this thing, despite the distance, as soon as I left the car for my gear out of the boot it flushed over the dunes and out of sight.

Next to Druridge where 2 Avocets were performing like stars in front of the demolished hide. No sooner had I set the camera up everything on the fields lifted and flew north, chased off by a large para-kite type thing over on the dunes. Bugger.

Now, best to come, a Red breasted Goose had been found with a few Pinkfeet at East Chevington. On arrival the birds strolled off into a field nicely obscured by a straggly hawthorn hedge. The goose could be seen occasionally as it wandered around grazing, when ever it passed by a gap in the cover. Phrases such as 'crippling views' and 'showing well' were used to describe a miniscule glimpse of a flank, head or breast though not all at once...

So three good birds seen, but only just. Is the Goose a wild bird or does it come to bread? That remains to be seen. If wild it will be a county tick for every one hence the good turn out here this evening. Who knows it may show better in the morning...

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ST said...

Got up tues dinner time, sleepily trawling through blogs.
No bloody wonder all the traffic seemed to be heading north as i went to work on monday night.
RBG, AVOCETS and HOODIE hangin' around.
Ran around house, got sorted went to dru', What did i see, a glimpse of black and grey, disappearing in to the dunes.