Saturday, March 08, 2008

Here are the details of the Med Gull in my pics below. It was ringed as an adult in a breeding colony on the 26.05.2007 at Palić lake, Subotica, Vojvodina, Serbia. Since then its subsequet sightings have all been at Amble!

05.10.2007. Amble harbour,Northumberland(GBNL)
12.02.2008. Amble,Northumberland(GBNL)
02.03.2008. Amble harbour,Northumberland(GBNL)

So it took less than 5 months from Serbia to Amble. I wonder if it comes here every winter?

Not much birding today though I did manage a Barn Owl at Alnwick, near the Alnwick Garden, tonight on my way home from collecting our take away.

We went to the Fi-fie-fo-fum Gallery near Corbridge to see the Society of Wildlife Artists Exhibition. It was excellent and well worth a visit. See the website for details...

Oh and I forgot, a Great Tit at Boulmer yesterday puts the patch at 76...

76. Great Tit.

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