Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

Above - Glaucous Gull.

A covering of snow first thing this morning made the chance of a sand martin seem a bit fanciful so I thought I would give the Linton white winged gulls another try.

Early doors at Linton was too early for these arctic visitors so I started off at Bothal to meet ADMc, and to look for the Nordic Jackdaws again. No Jacks around at all so it was off to the the relative comfort of the hide at Linton. On the way we stopped at Old Moor farm to scan a gull flock in a field and found a juv Glaucous as it circled around towards the dump.

The next 3 hours were spent in the hide chewing the fat and generally having a bit of a laugh with Andy, ST and RPB. 2 juv Glaucous Gulls showed well here on and off the whole time, but the hoped for iceland gulls arrived 45 minutes after I left to go home. c'est la vie....

While waiting, the local wildlife kept us entertained. An old looking dog Fox snouted around the edge much to the consternation of the resident Canada Geese ( one of which has paired to a Barnacle this space for developments...) and a Roe buck strolled off towards his day camp. Earlier I had 5 Roe Deer in a field near Lesbury.

This afternoon a seawatch at Boulmer ( no, the sandwich tern yesterday wasn't seen by me unfortunately, I believe it was seen by Dennis Allen)for an hour had -

Gannet 77N
Kittiwake 15N
Red throated Diver 1S 1N
Common Scoter 3S 1N
Guillemot 3S
Razorbill 2N
Fulmar 1N
Eider 109 on the sea.

Above - 3 of 5 Roe Deer and Fox ( can you see him looking at the glaucous gull?).

I forgot to add, 9 Lesser black backed Gulls flew N at Boulmer the other day.

79. Lesser black backed Gull.


oldcrow61 said...

Gorgeous Fox. Sounds like you had a great day.

Anonymous said...

Cracking post there Stewart.

Canada`s will pair up with anything these days.
I`ve seen the results of Canada x Barnacle on a few occasions. Some of them could be mistaken for genuine small race Canada`s.

Stewart said...

Yes, it was quite enjoyable.

I have seen a few Canada hybrids myself in the past. It makes you wonder why one will pair with a Barnacle Goose when there are so many Canada's to choose from? I bet the Barnie is the male and he's done all the running...

Thanks S...