Monday, February 11, 2008

Phew what a scorcher...well not quite.

Above - Howick Bridges.

Another cracking day today, clear and sunny but a bit cooler. Several walks out with Bunty today at Boulmer and Howick.

At Boulmer, a Moorhen was in its usual annual spot though a month early. My third record in three years. At dusk we had a look down the runways for owl activity but there was none. A Buzzard showed well on a telegraph pole between the caravan site and Seaton House.

A walk in the Long Walk at Howick had a few usual woodland species that I dont see enough of at Boulmer. There was a flock of tits feeding between yews and fallen beechmast and a Nuthatch or two. A couple of pairs of Bullfinches were seen and a pair of Siskins, the male in full wheezing song.

Highlight of the day ( apart from the watterhen) was a Peacock butterfly in my garden at lunchtime. No odd spuggies today though...


PS - I've added a new link in the home blogs section on the left - Seaside Observers. Another blog from the goodly folk of Northumberland who like their wildlife...have a look, I bet you're interested once you see what they've seen!


Anonymous said...

had a look at the new link seasiders must be the first time ive heard widdrington been described as a breath of fresh air, good blog though.

darrell j prest said...

/\/\ yes good blog but the pink is a bit well.............

anyway you win stu it was a bat!


oldcrow61 said...

The snow drops look wonderful. A butterfly in your garden, wow, fantastic!