Thursday, February 28, 2008

A nice mild fair day today with some bright spells.

At lunchtime I snipered into ST / Foggy's patch at Castle Island to see if I could get in on some Glaucous action, but it was not to be. I had about 20 minutes of the island viewed from the south side and did a quick scan and a count of what was on offer. There were -

Moorhen 28 ( a good number anywhere)
Mallard 30
Teal and Goldeneye 10 each
Long tailed Duck 1
Tufted Duck 6
Little Grebe 6
Coot 5+
Assorted Gulls numbering about 150, mainly Black headeds and Commons with a few Herrings, 1 Great and 1 Lesser black backed.

Wheatear yesterday in Cornwall, only another 3 weeks before we're in with a shout.

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