Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've got wind.

Kind of blustery up here today. At lunchtime it was difficult to stand upright in the open and on the way home from work a lorry was on its side near Widdrington. A check of the Met Office website showed that Boulmer had recorded gusts of up to 72 mph this afternoon.

As the saying goes, 'its an ill wind that blows no good' or something like that, so lets hope it has topped up the white winged gull population...or maybe it has sent one of those ducks from across the pond.


Anonymous said...

An ill Wind Bloweth No Man To Good
john heywood (1546)
you cannot see the wood for the trees john Heywood {1546)
this hitteth the nail on the head
john heywood (1546)
All Those who find Ring Necked Duck Should Shareth With Their Mates ?

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like the wind we often get around here. Maybe a few ducks will blow in from across the pond, lol.

Stewart said...

F - Nice one...will do, but you'll get one before me.

OC - Please send a few over ( do you have a spell?)