Thursday, January 03, 2008

Turned out nice again!

Very stormy today. The wind at Boulmer was a hellish bitterly cold E8, backed by a supporting cast of snow and sleet squalls.

No good for walking the coast so I had a half hour sea watch with the expected results for this time of year. Of note were an adult Gannet and 11 Kittiwakes of assorted ages going north. Both unusual here so early in the year. 65 Eiders tried to ride out the storm in the haven.

At home, a Tree Sparrow had joined my 65 House Sparrows at the seed and there were 20 Collared Doves today.

So, I'm back in the house tapping away at the keyboard...again. Might be better tomorrow?

39. Kittiwake.
40. Gannet.

1 comment:

Blyth Birder said...

There's a pattern developing to the se Blogs BB.

I knew I should have gone to work but, as ever, I can never bring myself to turn in when I have a day provisionally booked off.

And now I'm sat here watching the Blackies and Goldfinch in the garden........better than the office anyday :)