Thursday, January 17, 2008

Today was showery with odd dry spells but dull and cold.

The Tawny Owl turned up in our Elm again at 10.45 last night. I was looking up the tree while Bunts did what she does when it flew in, this time closer. It looked down at us while nodding its head from side to side then flew off over the road and down towards the church.

Do you think its heard about our shower room?

Today, between appointments at work I called in to Cambois / North Blyth for half an hour. 13 Purple Sandpipers were on the rock edges along with a good number of gulls. I didnt have time to look too closely as a muddy alumina dumping port didn't go too well with office attire...A diver sp was well up the river opposite the Alcan site but jut too far off for bins.

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