Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday 26th January 2008

The wind has subsided to a SW3. Fair with drizzle in the late afternoon.

No proper birding today but still managed one or two good birds without really trying. As the phrase goes 'I don't GO birding, I AM birding!'.

A short stop at Amble Harbour at lunchtime had 2 Mediterranean Gulls loafing around on the grass near the little shore. One adult winter and one 2nd winter complete with leg iron on its right ankle. The younger bird was sat only a few yards from the car showing really well, no doubt waiting for chips, but the adult remained more distant.

On the way home a Peregrine flew over the road just north of Warkworth.

At Denwick the Winter Aconites are in full bloom around the church and the first Snowdrops were out at Warkworth mill.

At 4.30pm we were coming back from Alnwick in Jane's car when I noticed the barrel shaped body of a Tawny Owl gliding alongside through an avenue of trees just before the railway arch at Longhoughton. It pitched up onto a dead branch over hanging the field.

I've lived here for three years and not actually seen a Tawny but just heard them hooting and I've seen three here this year. I wonder if this is the bird from my garden?

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