Friday, January 25, 2008

Oops in my old age I seem to have made a cock up on the patch list front. The following were missed off for no apparent reason. I found them by doing a paper list from my notebook because I thought my total was a bit light weight...

64. Golden Plover
65. Meadow Pipit
66. Robin
67. Blue Tit
68. Rook
69. Chaffinch
70. Greenfinch

Not bad without leaving the house!

Weather today is a tad blustery. The wind is a force 9'er from the SW. When I had Bunty out the wind draws the air out of your lungs making breathing difficult. I massive branch has been shed from the old elm in our garden. Its lying on our lawn now, a good bit of luck it didnt fall the other way on to the main road. It could have been nasty...


Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes it is a touch on the windy side,isn't Elm good for carving lets see some nice duck decoy's over the next couple of weeks I'm sure you will have a swiss army penknive tucked away somewhere.

Ipin said...

You're back in the lead...only 1 year tick this weekend - merlin but 'he's a niccun'