Wednesday, January 02, 2008


New Years Day...

Oh dear oh dear, what a start. Rain from dawn til dark in vaying amounts today. Saying that, it was dark all day. All plans left in tatters. What can I say. I hoped that the deluge would have topped up the pond, but, inexplicably, it has not altered it one bit. Its still there but declining. Maybe the field drain blockage had cleared a little.

Out with Bunty for a whole half an hour on the patch today had - in no particular order ( its like the X Factor isn't it...)

1. Woodpigeon.
2. Herring Gull.
3. Great black backed Gull.
4. Common Gull.
5. Black headed Gull
6. Sparrowhawk
7. Grey Partridge (7)
8. Grey Plover.
9. Redshank.
10. Dunlin.
11. Turnstone.
12. Shag.
13. Eider.
14. Jackdaw.
15. Blackbird.
16. Starling.

Thats about it really. There may have been others but I'd given up.

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