Sunday, December 23, 2007

No birding whatsoever today, just some more robotic-like-following-the-sheep-in-a-Christmassy-type-mode.

Tonight I have just gone through everyones blogs and had a good old chuckle. Blyth Birder tells it like it is around his local supermarket ( the comments are good too), Withens has been out and about and ST is just a bit too smug for my liking. At Whitby, Alastair mentions a farmland birds conference, up here that would last all of ten minutes. On St Mary's I may have even caused a minor tantrum by insinuating ( quite incorrectly I may add) that Boulmer is THE best birding place on the planet. Any one who knows me, in the field, rather than on line, will know that I do like a bit of a wind up. Don't people take things seriously...:)

Last night our 'do' with the Cadwallenders was excellent. Great hosts these two, feeding us with fantastic fare, too much vino and even giving out pressies. If Carlsberg did Chrsitmas do's, they'd be like this...many thanks and John and Neil who missed out, missed a treat.

I was a bit seedy this morning.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm looking forward to going to do the Christmas food shopping, always good for a laugh that one, and I have a list of chores. Roll on Christmas Day.

Never mind, the nights are getting shorter from now on...


Blyth Birder said...

Lets hope the gods are with you.

I'll look forward to your post-shopping Blog update later anyhoow.

Birding St Mary's said...

I saw your comment BB it didn't offend me at all. In fact keep up the good work :)
All the best