Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A dull mostly mild day today with very little wind.

Out with Bunty this morning around Boulmer had, wait for it, on the pond ( oh yes) 10 Mallard and 118 Lapwing. At Seaton Point, 6 Grey Partridges, 3 Stonechat, 6 Robins and about the same Dunnocks, a small flock of Linnets and Goldfinches, 2 Reed Buntings and a Yellowhammer.

We have my brother and sister in law staying with us this week and this morning we were talking about the Otter shown on the Tyne on a recent Autumnwatch on TV . I happened to mention that they have been quite easy to see at Druridge recently. Lillian was keen for a look, so we dropped by early this afternoon to see if they were about. On our way to the hide a chap was on his way out and had not seen them. I said that this was a good omen, as they are bound to pop out sometime ( a rare sign of optimism there from me).

After five minutes in the hide one of the Otters duly appeared right in front of us in mid water and stayed on show for the whole time we were there. Its as easy as that. While watching, 25+ Twite flew over the hide into the scrub on the west bank.

On a roll, I thought we could have a Little Owl finale on our way back up to Widdrington. They used to be regular here for many years then a couple of years back the vanished. Now I knew ADMc had seen one last week here so I just decided to check the usual favourite trees and bingo! there it was in the first tree looked at. We pulled the car alongside and the owl performed well on its chosen stump. Always a pleaser to non birders they are.


Anonymous said...

i heard a rumour that you have more jam than hartleys

Stewart said...

I like to make me own jam Chris...:-)