Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lumpyheed 2...this time its personal...

Above - Seaton Point, Boulmer. Sea like a mill pond.

Above - Great Northern Diver, Seaton Point. Top, snorkeling with Razorbill nearby, centre, gets a shock when it realises the Razorbill is so close. Showing egg sized bump on head ( no it hasn't hit a rock, they all have it!), bottom, with a fish.

Above -Juvenile Roseate Tern begging for food, Seaton Point. Adult flying around but didn't come in to feed the young bird until it was on the water. Look closer, I think this bird has a BTO ring on EACH leg!


Anonymous said...

Hi Stew, Don't know if you know, but all Rosy's are ringed with a BTO ring and a 'Rosy special' which is a metal ring to be read at colonys! Ian

Stewart said...

Gotcha Ian , Tac kindly showed me an example last night, good stuff. If I had known I would have looked closer doh!