Saturday, September 08, 2007


Above - Harwood Forest and its Fallowlees Lough with Black Darter dragonflies.

A cracking summery autumn day basking in warm sunshine.

For a change Jane, Bunts and mysel took a trip to Harwood Forest, central Northumberland, for a walk with the idea of checking Fallowlees Lough for dragonflies.

The pool was 'rattling' with them. 'Buzzing' doesn't sound right because they don't buzz, they rattle! We had great views of 40+ Black Darters, tiny little dragons and the first I've seen. Several pairs were coupled and egg laying at our feet, other single males were chasing females around with gusto. Also here were the more sinister Common Hawkers, about a dozen of them chasing the Darters if they got in the way, and the ephemeral Emerald Damselflies in small numbers. I couldn't get pics of the latter two, the hawkers never landing and the Emeralds landed on rushes over the water so I couldn't get near.

Bird wise 4 Crossbills including a very late juvenile, 2 Jays, Buzzard and Siskins were the highlight while the only thing on the lough was a young family of Little Grebes.

A very pleasant afternoon.


darrell j prest said...

still waiting for my black darters, nice pics

ST said...

never seen those a trip to harwood in order.
albania - near butrint - alive with birds all sorts seen may be worth a look

Blyth Birder said...

A great spot is Harwood.

Can spend the whole day there in summer and not see another human.........just the way I like it.

Stewart said...

Yes BB I used to go every weekend in the late eighties and have had some good stuff - Great Grey Shrike, Two barred Crossbill, Gos, Long eared Owls, Hen Harriers and even a Water Rail! Some VERY quiet winter days too mind you...