Monday, September 17, 2007

A day off today, work tomorrow and Weds then off till Tuesday.

I was convinced that todays weather forecast would have produced the goods on a seawatch but it wasn't to be. I spent about 2 hours on and off today at Boulmer and saw nothing really. 2 Manxies flying south, always a bad omen on a seawatch, and 5 Red throated Divers was about all of note.

A Porpoise showed briefly too.

In Lincs, a crap seawatch at the weekend produced a Black Kite for John Wright...see links.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stu,Alan here ,one of the lucky holy trinity,blessed on Sunday!
What a bird indeed,it took half an hour for our heart rates to go back to normal.Having seen many 100's in Kenya i was as familiar as one can be with a British 1st,R.saw them in spain and andy mc. has seen a few he said.
We noted all the salient features save for any pale secondary tips,which may have been worn. Size was one debate as it was alone ,but i'm convinced this was not a Pacific ,colour,tail,and flight pattern among other things ruling this out.
IT's probs a bugger to get accepted as firsts always are,but we'll see?
Some one said -it could only happen to us!Amazing,shame it didn't hang around.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Alan, but I reckon you should have signed in as Lucky Alan!!!