Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Hello all heres a little interlude.

In my haste I write these blog posts as I would write my notes at home. Apologies to the non or casual birders out there who are unaware what my abreviations mean. Here is a glossary?

Gannet 3 S or 100+ N means 3 individuals of this species flew in a southerly direction or headed off south and 100 plus N means an absolute minimum of a hundred individuals of this species flew North or in a Northerly direction.

This term is most often used in the context of birds migrating in a certain direction.

Juv /Imm / Fw / Fs / Ad Refers to the age of the bird -
Juv = Juvenile a bird born in the summer of this calender year and is in its first plumage when leaving the nest.
Imm = A bird not in adult plumage, age not exactly defined.
Fw = First Winter, a bird out of juvenile plumage usually in the autumn after the summer it was born.
Fs = First Summer, the next plumage after Fw, occuring in the next calander year after hatching ie if born in 2007 a gull would achieve FS plumage in spring 2008.
Ad = Adult.

Dipped Usually means you have gone to see a rare bird and its gone before you have seen it ( unless you have dipped -in which means you are a jammy sod and have accidentally arrived at a spot just after someone has found a rare bird).

Thats probably enough to be going on with. If anyone is struggling with the terms I use please leave a comment and I'd be happy to explain.

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