Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nosmo King

Click on this and read the sign.

The Fishing Boat Inn is the local pub in Boulmer. Its nice to see they have sorted out an area for their smoking customers!


ST said...
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ST said...

I clicked the bin,sorry.
we had good grub,there last week, fantastic view.
Whilst sitting outside, making the most of a sunny day. We were joined by two couples, who loudly exclaimed they would sit outside to make the most of a glorious day, then promptly added two fleeces and a windproof to there persons.we and a group of oap's were simply underdressed.

Anonymous said...

apparantly smoking underwater is good for you.
I see no expense has been spared
in the purchase of this fantastic hand crafted sign,
they have realy pushed the boat out
ha ha get it pushed the boat out

Gone said...

Maybe this was a reaction by the smokers to the ban. You could get a few quid from the Sun for that photo, I can see the headlines "Fisherman for Smoking Justice"... you just need to get MPF to stand in front.