Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Links

Just to let you know that I've added a new link or two on the left. Its good to welcome the Druridge Blog to the burgeoning list of county coastal blogs - Newton, Boulmer, Druridge, Blyth and St Mary's all has them plus help from ST and Northumbrian Birding. Great Stuff keep them coming. We want blogs now from Holy Island, Farnes ( that'll just boil everyone), Hauxley, East Chev, Newbiggin and the inland chaps, Big Waters, Arcot etc - GET ON TO IT, YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD!

At this rate NTBC will be made redundant! Oops just thinking out loud there.

Oh and if you want inspiration have a shufty at www.greenwithens.blogspot.com but watch out for the language, you are sure to have a laugh...the next time you complain about how quiet your patch is have a thought for Green Withens.


Anonymous said...

I noticed one or two more North'd Blogs a while back on FatBirder.

Big Waters:




ST said...

i'm a bit out of that league.
Met a keen birder whose local patch was arcot the other day, he lives in cram if i see him again i'll try to get him to blog.

Blyth Birder said...

I hear Arcot's being earmarked for development - not sure how close it'll encroach and what impact it'll have.....doesn't sound great though?

I tend to pop in from time to time, but always keep a watchful eye whose creeping up behind me, if you know what I mean.......backs to the bushes around those parts.

Anonymous said...

Your point on the internet taking over from Bird clubs is interesting.

With the advent of some of the larger sites, as well as user friendly blogs like yours, i think you may be right.

Brian Robson

Stewart said...

Wow thats drummed up some interest. Sometimes I struggle to get a comment then just a few lines gets 4! Excellent.
St - That was Lindsay. He said that he had met you when I saw him at Chev t'other day.
BB - Yes, Arcot can be very, er, strange!.
BR - Thanks Br. Garlic Bread. Its the future.