Sunday, July 15, 2007

Newton Stringer

No thats not a derogatory remark, but an intro to my new link. Its good to see that Gary has set up a blog and website to cover the patch 'next door' to mine...check it out. More birders should do this in the county, it would be a great resource to visiting and local birders alike!


Anonymous said...

I was disappointed by Newton Stringer's choice of language, especially his 21 June posting. I would not like my grandchildren to stumble across this link while using my computer.

Anonymous said...

Hell anon. I've had a look at the posting you refer to and find half a dozen 'swear' words that may be offensive to some. Thats the thing about the internet. Its a place for free speech so, short of someone using it to incite hate crimes, little can be done to censor it.
In todays media words much worse than those used by Gary can be found everywhere from BBC Radio 1 to the Sunday broadsheet suplementary magazines. Such highly thought of papers as the Sunday Times, Observer and Guardian can often be found with a sprinkling of the F word.
And speaking of that, the BBC's Gordon Ramsay's programmes use this language without batting an eyelid!
In short, there are a couple of options. Have a word with NS through the comments on his blog to see if he will moderate his tone or you may need to give him a miss...

Cheers, Stewart.
( Generally (?) profanity free Boulmer Birder )