Sunday, July 08, 2007

More Local Orchids...

Above - Pyramidal Orchid. A single spike on the grass sward at Longhoughton Steel. The first I've seen here.

Above - Bee Orchid. Druridge Bay Country Park, again I could only find one plant in a sea of Common Spotted Orchids.

Above - Fragrant Orchid. Several in flower in East Chevington Dunes.

Above - Marsh Helleborine. A few near the Fragrant Orchids in East Chevington dunes.


Katiedaze said...

Great pictures of the orchids,etc. Im trying to identify plants at the moment,hopfully I,lllearn as I go

Anonymous said...

Whatcheor HM, glad you like them. I've had a look at your blog and see you have been going to Hauxley and Cresswell. Stick in there, you'll see loads of good stuff, Hauxley in particular is excellent for flowers this month. Just look around the car park and tiny pools.
Cheers Stewart.