Monday, June 04, 2007

Another look...Lesser Scaups at Linton.

I thought I would add some more Lesser Scaup pics just to show some of the features a little more clearly.

Above - Male wing pattern again from underside this time. Oh, and the head shape is a belter even though the photo is blurred.

Above - Male size comparison with Tufted Duck, and the Lesser does indeed look smaller.

Above - The male, yes all the same bird showing, from the top, the differing head shapes according to whether diving or not. Note the coarse vermiculations on the mantle / scapulars against the very fine grey flank markings.

Above - Bill pattern, darker grey at base becoming paler blue grey towards tip with black nail.

Above - Female showing two head shapes one flat after diving, one 'field guide 'shaped.


Anonymous said...

im pleased you cleared that up I could not find the web article you were refering too.
I thought i was going to be robbed of these 2 smashing birds,I presume this bird foram is a yankee site.

Stewart said...

Chris try If you join then look under Local Patches you will see a thread called Northumberland Birding with loads of crack and pointers to whats going on...or you could just go birding instead!