Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The House on the Shore.

Above - The House on the Shore, Monks House and Monks House Pool, Seahouses.
Top - Lesser black backed Gull looking very long winged?
Second - Moorhen sitting on nest.

This area has a lot of birding history. The house was once a bird observatory owned and run by the late Dr Eric Ennion. The book " The House on the Shore" by him shows its rise and fall in the post war years. I first read it as a teenager and is still one of my favourites. A friend of mine recently paid £40 for a copy from Barter Books, mine came from New Jersey, USA and cost about £12 including shipping!

Apart from the birds shown, also here this evening were 3 Yellow Wagtails including a nice male 'Channel' Wagtail, a Blue headed x Yellow cross. I almost got a photo but the other two put it to flight just as the shutter was being pressed...

Above - Lindisfarne, the Holy Island viewed from Bamburgh Golf Club this evening.

Above - I couldn't drive past without a snap of this view of Bamburgh Castle again..

All of this lot as we decided to have fish and chips from Seahouses.

Above - Bunts sick of waiting...

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