Sunday, April 01, 2007

Grey Start.

Above - Black Redstart that is neither black nor red...

Cold NE4, clear bright and sunny.

Not a lot of birding today as we were taking Bunty to training classes. That lasted from 10.00 until 4.30 this afternoon and was hard work! Since then Bunts has been sound asleep on her bed...

Before we went, we had a quick check of the village at Boulmer and had a female type Black Redstart. It only showed briefly on the beach behind the pub before flying over the top towards the allotment. I called back later this afternoon and managed a few shots though the bird was flighty. I followed it 4 or 5oo metres north then left it, but on return there was another ( or the same) back on the beach next to the pub? 1+?

30 Knot were on the beach and hoards of Gannets were moving north. A Sparrowhawk was displaying over the plantation.

Last night I had a white winged gull about 3/4 mile offshore that landed on the sea. I grabbed the scope from the boot but couldn't refind the bird. It was either a 2nd winter Glaucous, Iceland or leucistic Herring Gull. I'll keep looking this week.

93. Black Redstart.

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