Thursday, March 15, 2007

There's Good News! and there's Bad News...

Well, when I checked on the little yellow fellow this morning I was very suprised to see him up on a perch, looking around and calling "tzick" every few seconds. He looked very perky and, to be honest, I was relieved that he was alive at all. Most small casualties like this aren't strong enough to stand any trauma.

So, at 7.30, I packed him complete with budgie cage into the car and headed off to where I found him. Although he still looked fine, I didn't see him flying around as I would have expected. Anyway, I took the cage to the edge of a set a side field and lifted the wire top from the base, hoping he would fly off into the hedge. Instead, he made a dash for it, flopping into the grass and running away down the track, calling as he went.

I think he either has wing strain or possibly some brain damage, but he was quite fast enough to make off through the hedge and into the field. I decided not to cause any more stress by chasing after him ( a few more days in convalescence might have helped), and let him get on with it. Hopefully he'll sort things out today and get his flight back or else I fear his days are numbered. Its a jungle out there!


nicola said...

I hope he does make it

Boulmer Birder said...

Me too. I would guess 50/50...apart from the lack of flight, he did seem quite strong enough so who knows?