Monday, March 12, 2007

A better day today with some bright, warm sunshine though the cool breeze remains.

Down at Boulmer first bird of the day was a patch tick. A Moorhen was creeping around the field next to the tiny pines pond. Only my second here, the first was in the same spot at the same time last year.

A Pink footed Goose was in the rape field with the Mute Swans, but it was otherwise quiet.

I had two pairs of Buzzards on territory today only within a mile or two of home. One male was doing some tremendous display flights with heavy deep flapping wings like a Short eared Owl before being joined by a large Peregrine. Both soared a while before the falcon moved on. Later I saw three Buzzards together disputing their territorial boundaries.

In Howick Woods the first Chiffchaff of the year was singing well, nearby were Marsh Tit and Treecreeper while on the pond Little Grebes were trilling and 5 Herons were nest building. The pond margins had plenty of Toads in mating frenzies and a Bumblebee bumbled around some early Primroses.

Very pleasant.

87. Moorhen.

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