Saturday, January 20, 2007

When a storm is threatening...

3.30pm Boulmer. Took Bunt for a walk this afternoon to the beach. The tide was fully in and very high. It was lapping rotten seaweed and had attracted a thousand birds to feed. Mostly Black headed and Common Gulls, but also 32 Eiders, 15 Mallards, 56+ Redshank and 60+ Turnstones. Checked through the gulls but could find nothing unusual. A Sparrowhawk kept flushing everying into the air making a dramatic picture against the leaden sky.


st said...

just getting my weekly fix of your and others blogs
these may interest you/
you might get some ideas from these is a photo sharing site, subject and quality vary and thousands of images are added daily. i rummage around are some nature/birds/landscape+one gallery of sweedish birders- trust me
" " /jitams/root
" " /jayquintero/root
" " /paddler/root
if these take your interest, leave a reply and i,ll leave the occasional site

Boulmer Birder said...

Hi ST. I checked your sites but can only get something about airport timetables???